English DJ/Producer Standerwick just released his brand new track! It is titled ‘Narco’. It was released through Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren’s label, Armada Music. If you like trance, then make sure to check this one out, because it is a serious banger.

STANDERWICK - Nocturnal Artists

A DJ who’s been in the game for a while now, Standerwick takes it to the next level in this new track. As someone who’s practically new to the world of trance, ‘Narco’ has everything I like. An initial lead by strong chords. A heavy dramatic build-up. An almost biblical break, and then, the drop. A strong, heavy drop guided by a fast amazing drum pattern. Standerwick’s track is what I like to hear during a heavy trance set. It’s undoubtedly a great track and it will go directly into my playlist.

Some people say trance has been going down for some years now. After making a huge return to the scene through psytrance, saying the genre may be shifting towards the underground might be a correct assumption. This, however, does not mean for a second that the quality of the artists inside the genre has gone down. Countless artists continue to release banger after banger. With ‘Narco’, Standerwick, a producer who’s been around for years does nothing but prove this point. Trance may have decreased. But being dead? Never!

Go Stream ‘Narco’ by Standerwick below!