We “Remember You” Project 46! The Canadian duo has surprised us all and released their first single in 4 years. ‘Remember You’ will take you back to the golden age of EDM. It is beautifully progressive and has everything we want in a track. The drop is filled with layers of synths that will be making you think of the festival season.

Project 46 is best known for their collab with Kaskade on ‘Last Chance.’ Their 2012 hit ‘Reasons’ captured the hearts of many and put them right on the map. Nostalgia will hit you right in the face if you put either of those on. It is good to see the duo producing once again. Dance music has missed them and I am sure they have missed us.

Linney provides the gleaming vocals for the track. The track is about a love store and features a vibrant drop that will send your body moving. We hope this isn’t just one release from the duo and they go away again. We miss the old days and can’t wait for more of their music. Even if it means being separate but still together.

Make sure to check out ‘Remember You’ below!