Pioneer’s industry-standard DJ software Rekordbox has stepped into the new age and now fully supports cloud sync and storage. While many applications and software are treading this path already, it’s good to see such a reigning champion of the industry follow suit. It was only a matter of time until it arrived in the clouds with everyone else.

Version 6 of Rekordbox adds Cloud Sync Library. Cloud Sync allows a user via Dropbox account to access files on up to four separate devices. These files can be edited and then synced back into the cloud. Performance Mode (the main DJing aspect) is now free for all users. Be wary though, certain hardware may limit compatibility.

Other new features include auto-relocate files and light mode for outdoor use/software clarity. Rekordbox has also teamed up with promo company Inflyte to allow users to access their Promo Lockers directly in the software.

Additionally, Rekordbox 6 will work with their mobile iOS app that allows you to cue, sort, download, and sync music through all devices connected to the account.

As a user of Rekordbox, I can’t wait to use the new version as a whole. Rekordbox is my favorite software to use by far, so hopefully the update is flawless to allow more storage and workflow needs for anyone using the platform.

And no need to worry, your cue points will still sync over from the previous versions!