Lost Frequencies, Zonderling & Kelvin Jones – Love To Go

Social distancing is not easy for anybody. The covid-19 pandemic has been forcing countries to implement lockdown measures in order to prevent the spread of the virus. However, as a breath of fresh air, Lost Frequencies has just released a brand new track in collaboration with Zonderling & Kelvin Jones titled, ‘Love To Go’.

Major music festivals in the world like Tomorrowland or Ultra Music Festival have been obliged to cancel this year’s editions to ensure the safety of their visitors, artists and crew. As a result, artists are releasing music at a rapid pace. This new Lost Frequencies track is surely a breath of fresh air that will fill you up with all the energy you need to make your life easier these days.

‘Love To Go’ is a really catchy track, with some inspiring and very sweet lyrics. The song has all the positivity and good vibes you could ask for during this time. Prepare yourself to feel an urge to sing and dance along to it when you first listen to it!

Felix De Laet, a.k.a Lost Frequencies, is really excited about the release of this collaboration. In a recent press release for the launching of the song, he stated:

“I have to say I’m super happy with the final result of the track. There is a lot going on,but it stays super catchy and fresh. I asked Zonderling to co-produce the track with me, because I had this idea of a drop in my head and working with Zonderling on that was a perfect match for me. I’ve been talking with Kelvin Jones the last year and really wanted to make a track with him. He is such an amazing singer, live and in the studio,and I just can’t wait to bring him up on a stage to sing the track. I just hope everybody love the final track as much as we do!”

‘Love To Go’ is already available in your usual streaming platform. Check it out below, and please, stay at home!

Lost Frequencies, Zonderling & Kelvin Jones – Love To Go