Jason Ross Releases Unbelievable Remix EP For ‘1000 Faces’ Album

Jason Ross is back with new music! Only, this time, the DJ/Producer graces us with a different take from three new minds on his work. Ross unleashes a 3-track remix EP for three of the songs that are part of his debut album, 1000 Faces. An already impressive album is now reimagined by three of the best producers inside their genres. The EP was released through Ophelia Records.

1000 Faces Remixers

AWAKEND, Just A Gent and Matt Fax jump aboard this ship to give us their unique visions of what Ross’ project could sound like if they took it in their own hands. The result? A whole new series of worlds inside Ross’ own creation which takes a highly unique album and allows it to travel through a realm of alternate possibilities. Each of the producers involved gives a whole new side to each track. The 3 songs that are completely transformed on this EP are, ‘When the Night Falls’ (Ft. Fiora), ‘Leave Me To Wonder’ (Ft. Fiora), and ‘1000 Faces’ (Ft. Dia Frampton)

While keeping their magical sound and beautiful vocals, the songs take a 180º spin. What you love about them and their main essence is still there. However, they are undoubtedly the work of 3 new artists, who take a whole new approach on Ross’ work of art.

If I had to choose my favorite one, I would probably go with Mat Fax’s remix of ‘1000 Faces’. However, each and every one of these remixes are just great! The fact that Ross chose these three for what I hope is the first of many remix EPs shows how good they really are.

If you have been craving new music that’s completely out of the box and breaks every conceivable standard, look no more! Jason Ross 1000 Faces (Remixes) is here!

Stream Jason Ross 1000 Faces (Remixes) below!