English duo Gorgon City is back with their first track of 2020! It’s called ‘Nobody’. It features the project DRAMA, made up by producer Na’el Shehade and songstress Via Rosa.

Gorgon City: "A full live band, singers and loads of new music ...

Waking up to discover a song like ‘Nobody’ is an amazing feeling. Laying down in bed and allowing your heart to perfectly synchronize with a house beat is the best way to start your day. The vocals provided by DRAMA are simply amazing. Mixed with a series of soft drums and synthesizer sounds, Gorgon City nails it one more time. Talking about a romance falling out, and warning about losing the right person, the lyrics, especially the hook, are perfect.

‘Nobody’ doesn’t have a drop, per se. However, this doesn’t affect the track at all. Undoubtedly, Gorgon City’s new track will take the people onto the dancefloor and keep them there. Once again, the English duo delivers a track you could either listen to at a terrace as the sun falls down in an uncrowded party or at a club, at 3 am, blinded by the lights and lost inside the music.

Since this is the year of house, we couldn’t be left without music from one of the biggest house duos during the past years. Gorgon City has been on top of the deep house game for years now. Their take on one of EDM’s oldest genres is nothing but addictive. Bringing class, simplicity, and exquisiteness the way only British DJs can do it, Gorgon City’s ‘Nobody’ is exactly what you need to soothe your mind during these times.

Stream ‘Nobody’ by Gorgon City Ft. DRAMA below!