Florian Picasso Teams Up With GASHI & Ally Brooke For New Single ‘Like You Do’

Florian Picasso is back! The popular DJ finally released his first track of 2020. It is called ‘Like You Do’ and features Albanian rapper GASHI and former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke.

Florian Picasso

Picasso delivers an amazing trap like beat for this new track. On top of it, GASHI manages a lit set of vocals; his voice mixes perfectly with the track. Then, on the chorus, Brooke makes a perfect entrance mixing her voice with the rapper’s. The result? A perfect harmonic melody for this track.

Picasso’s new track is a surprise. It certainly differs from the artist’s past work. However, it is undoubtedly an amazing song. The DJ, famous for his progressive house sound, decided to enter the world of hip hop with this new track.

In my opinion, he does it in a perfect way. Brooke does an amazing job handling the hook, making it as catchy as it gets. On the other side, GASHI does a great job as well. The rapper has been working inside the EDM industry for a while now. I first met GASHI when he collaborated with DJ Snake on a personal favorite track ‘Paris’.

Picasso’s track might not be what you’re used to. However, if you give it a chance, I bet you’ll like it. Also, one thing that’s really exciting about these songs is the remixes. It’ll be interesting to see if Picasso himself will adapt the song to better fit his sets. If not, it will also be really interesting to watch him add a new range of weapons to his arsenal, as hip hop enters his portfolio of genres.

Stream ‘Like You Do’ by Florian Picasso and Ally Brooke featuring GASHI below!