Eric Prydz Returns with Brand New Episode of EPIC RADIO

When Eric Prydz cheekily announced ‘until the next time’ in the final minutes of the EPIC RADIO Season 3 finale in December 2019, little did Prydaholics expect a return that will be so swift. After-all, anything associated with the man is known to have a considerable waiting time attached to most of them, way past the threshold on occasions. Not this time, though!

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic that has frozen our lives momentarily, Eric has enough time locked in the studio to cook up an entire season of EPIC RADIO after a mere span of 3 months. Quite predictably, this installment has a soothing dark vibe linked to it given the times in fray.

A comeback of sorts as is familiar with EPIC Radio, the 2005 Pryda ID sets the ball rolling. Some might wonder the next CirezD ‘Printworks ID’ could have the man’s own vocals, we might never know. This is also one of those rare one hour EPIC RADIO episodes that feature quite a few artists apart from those on the Pryda roster. Consequently, we have Max Graham’s remix of Stoppage by Guy Gerber, Mark Michael, Ignacio Arfelli, CharlesD (the next Olander or Cristoph?), Kaiserdisco and Joris Voorn getting the famed space for the podcast.


Pryda – 2005 ID
Cirez D – Printworks ID 01
Cirez D – Tomorrowland 2019 ID
Guy Gerber – Stoppage (Max Graham Remix)
Cirez D & Acki Kokotos – Day After Tomorrow
Mark Michael – Solar Storm
Ignacio Arfeli – Echos In My Mind
Charles D – Amplify
Kaiserdisco – Python
Pryda – The Gift (Epic Mix)
Editors – Upside Down (Joris Voorn Remix)

Additionally, in an attempt to restore a little bit of his fans’ joy given the times, he has also given off The EPIC Mix of ‘The Gift’ as a free download. You can find it here.

Soak up in the moment. 3 months is all it took the man to make a return this time. Never happened before, never might happen again! Until the next time after two weeks.