deadmau5 & Steve Duda’s BSOD Return on ‘No Way, Get Real’ EP

deadmau5 and Steve Duda mark their return to the 2005 project, BSOD, with an EP titled ‘No Way, Get Real‘ on mau5trap. BSOD could be short for Blue Screen of Death or Better Sounding on Drugs, both having a fun ring to them. The artists are longtime friends who started the project as a joke parodying popular dance music on ‘This Is The Hook‘. Ironically enough, the release topped Beatport charts at the time, so take that idea however you will.

No Way, Get Real

First of all, ‘Allpassing Lane‘ finds itself with a bouncy rhythm, smooth bass-line and sleek synth plucks. Changing tracks, ‘Afterburner‘ introduces a cascading pitched lead plummeting into a crisp bass chained to a short kick. A resonant silky lead melody sways atop fulfilling the track which takes us onto ‘Fives‘. Throughout, the song involves a crunched rhythm swept by differentiating hollowed arpeggios and plucks. Finally, ‘Pitches Love Me‘ takes the cake for naming, and stands out as a favorite amongst the EP.

In advance to the release of their EP, BSOD live streamed on deadmau5′ Mixer channel which you can find here. Furthermore, for any more information refer to deadmau5′ CUBE V3 website, or the community one. On the other end, Duda is the man behind XferRecords which have some of the best producer tools out there. To list them off, Serum, LFO Tool, Cthulu, and Nerve which can all be found here.

Listen to deadmau5 and Steve Duda’s duo project, BSOD ‘No Way, Get Real’ EP via mau5trap below.