Ben Gold & Tempo Giusto Release Hellfire In New Single ‘I Am The God’

Ben Gold and Tempo Giusto rain chaotic-good hellfire in their new single ‘I Am The God’ under Armada Music. With just under a three-minute runtime this song is enough to break into your house, wreck it and still have time to make a drink and enjoy it. The only thing angelic about the song is the break in the middle which resembles the eye of a hurricane right before the storm reaches its peak.

This track is a sublime example of good things come in small packages. Upon hearing another extended version at this time, this track utilizes so much in so little time. Yet, it doesn’t get crowded or overbearing which is so easy to do with shorter tracks. It’s punchy, it’s raw, it’s reckless, and it’s irrefutably an invigorating track. It’s a firestarter for sure.

I cannot get enough of this track and perhaps that’s where the short runtime wins. It’s such a great tune to listen to over and over yet not get bored with it because it delivers every time.

Start your Friday virtual parties or DJ sets off right with this tune. You’ll be sure to have a good weekend if that’s the case.

Happy Friday, stay well and let the hellfire of I Am The God rain down on you today.