Apple may delay the iPhone 12 release this year due to COVID-19. But perhaps it may still keep up with a yearly release after all. News of a low-cost successor to the iPhone SE could launch as early as mid-April. This news comes to us from analyst Daniel Ives of Wedbush, based on his readings of supply-chain indications and retail websites.

It would be the iPhone 9, or SE2. Not sure which name would be next in line given its history.

“While launching a mid-cycle budget/entry-level smartphone into the backdrop of a consumer global lockdown and unprecedented pandemic will be head-scratcher to some, we note that Apple is viewing this as a low-volume, low-touch release with little fanfare as the phones are already ready to ship.” – Daniel Ives

While this may seem unprecedented during this global consumer lockdown and pandemic, Apple shares are up 5%. Apparently, these phones are ready for the masses.

We expected the debut of the new iPhone in March, but we all know that several industries took a huge hit in their launch this year. Given the current economy, this release doesn’t seem too out of place. Perhaps it will give some people a breath of fresh air from the dead halt of business. This phone has always been the budget phone and gives Apple a chance to sell a cheaper iPhone (again).

No photo leaks of the potential phone are out nor are the specs. It might be in Apple’s best interest to start showing those to create a marketing plan for these little beauties. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Everyone is on a budget now so whether this is the step up for you or not, we’ll let you decide. Apple is always at the ready for the latest releases in technology.

What do you think of Apple’s strategy here? Necessary or completely unnecessary at a time like this?