Zedd Updates Fans on 2020 Album

Zedd created a name for himself and established his place in EDM when he released his sophomore album, True Colors, back in 2015. A fan tweeted in December, asking Zedd to release his album since it’s been five years from the last one. To which, he responded with “2020.” The news was a Christmas gift for all the fans.

A quarter of the year has passed and fans are getting impatient. A couple days ago, another fan asked if another album can be expected. Zedd responded and confirmed that an album will come.

It’s clear that after the tweet, he got a lot of tweets and messages from fans asking for the album and wanting more information. Zedd tried to clarify fans on the album timeline and what to expect.

Although the album isn’t coming ‘soon,’ we may potentially get a single before the end of 2020. We all want Zedd to put out his best music and you can’t rush greatness.

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