Yotto – Amaru

Yotto’s newest track channels his inner mythological creature. ‘Amaru’ is a mythical serpent or dragon that thrives in the undergrounds, quite similar to Yotto’s music. The Finnish producer has shown his range over the last few years. Apart of the Anjunadeep family, his music provides a fresh outlook for the downtempo and house genres.

Yotto enjoys having the cover art of his singles to be either an insect or animal. This one is a bearded dragon and you can kind of feel why. It starts out which some nice airy synths and a solid beat. Horns dominate the background, and the track slowly starts to take life. The initial rhythm fades and we get a brighter tune. Each peak of this track is different, much like a bearded dragon. You never know what you are going to expect. At the same time, given the track name is Amaru, it has a double-headed side to it throughout.

This is Yotto’s first true release of the year with the other being a remix of ‘Antigone.’ His biggest releases to date include hit Shifter,’ ‘Personal Space,’ and Lane 8 collaboration ‘I / Y.’ Each of his tracks has a way of putting you at ease while making sure your feet don’t stop moving.

He is currently still on his Odd One Out tour. It has dates throughout Europe and North America. Make sure to check out ‘Amaru’ below! The release also comes with an extended mix, prepare for almost 8 minutes of awesomeness.