Calvin Harris joined in on the virtual rave-a-thon last Saturday with his very own Love Regenerator Livestream. He fashioned an amazing green screen coat to a trippy set of visualizers in the background. Add on his latest techno tracks and you get the hero we never knew we needed.

His set featured tracks from Love Regenerator 1, 2, and 3. It also included some from Eli Brown, Artist Avision, Will Clarke, and Sander van Doorn & Firebeatz. With an additional 3 IDs, other artists and killer vibes, he treated us to a unique and creative experience that gave us a few laughs as well.

After a serious hiatus, he took some time to spread his creative sings and produce music more closely aligned to his early dance music inspirations. This set is packed with acid, techno, and house vibes. Best moments of this? His accent, THE jacket, a floating head, all the tunes, and peace, love and happiness.

Was he taking song requests through his phone? We won’t know, but we can surely say that whatever he did, worked.

Much needed during this time of social isolation, we’re happy to see he is back. Little things like this help all of us with our mood, I’m sure. Though his events may have been postponed, for now, we anxiously await his tour dates. Seeing this live would be incredible.

Fans absolutely adored this and we do too. Any other live streams you watched last week that caught your attention? It’s been a real collective effort from the EDM community. It just goes to show that if you removed all the money from the industry, everyone would still do it for the love.

Did you get a chance to watch it? If not, you can replay it all back with his video below!