High-tech minimal master Boris Brejcha is back at it with a 3-track EP titled ‘Violet Pill‘. This marks his first release following his ‘Space Diver‘ LP in January. Here we see Brejcha incorporate dark techno tones, striking build-ups, and progressive elements for a transcendent listening experience.

Babamba‘ released last year and is making its way onto this EP. Slow and steady, the high tech minimal sound resonates with this one. Towards the middle of the piece, you find more depth in melody with the additional keyboard notes. It’s menacing and a great track to be heard live.

On His Way‘ is ambient and its own adventure. With a looming melody, we can see why Boris is the master of his style. It is just shy of nine minutes, but exciting nonetheless. Airy piano chords play while the synth melody continues on.

Get down to the breakbeat with ‘Violet Pill‘. Perhaps this is what it feels like to take half a red pill and half a blue pill. Take a listen to the lyrics in this one and see what exactly does happen. That menacing, dark techno tone in the background is killer. We love this audial journey he takes us on.

There is no doubt in our minds that being the maestro of your own genre is downright genius. He’s revolutionized a new era of music and catapulted his way to the top of our music interests. This masked crusader knows what he is doing. With great ambition and desire for new and experimental musical directions, he shows us how exciting minimal techno can be. He’s an artist, a pioneer, and the Joker we need.

So, what are you waiting for? Press play below now!

Violet Pill EP – Boris Brejcha via Ultra Records