The new single, ‘Evolution’ from UMEK & Cosmic Boys is a heavy-hitting techno monster. This song forgives no one. It’s a statement for dark techno.


I’m a complete sucker for dark, gritty, punchy techno. I love the feeling of the bass taking over my body and soul. This song is no exception. Its overall rolling bass is like a tidal wave you just can’t get above water for a breath for. The song still has some melodic aspects with the vocals thrown in which are a really nice subtle break in the chain.

The track itself takes no breaks on giving the listener any breathing room really until that little break in the middle. I think that’s fantastic. It hits, hits some more, and throws you into the beast every second. Until that one minute break in the middle, it goes right back into the cavernous depths even harder than before.

Compositionally, this track has all the right elements at all the right times, and the sinister sound effects within the song work so well to build the immense feeling you get when listening. This track is massive.

This song is a beast of a tune and I cannot stop listening to it. I highly suggest all lovers of techno, especially the darker side of techno, give this a proper listen a couple of times.

Check out ‘Evolution’ below and enjoy!