Rogue “Storm Ultra” Facebook Event Raises Concerns

Events mourning the cancellation of Ultra Music Festival Miami have emerged on Facebook, and we’re not sure how to feel. After days of headlines filled with cancellations, empty supermarket shelves and ‘How To’s’ on social distancing, we could use a bit of a laugh. But we hope that’s all this is.

The Facebook event “Storm Ultra 2020, They can’t quarantine all of us” is ‘scheduled’ for the same time and place as UMF Miami. Ringing similar to “Storm Area 51”, “Storm Ultra” currently has over 1000 responses marked as ‘Attending’ or ‘Interested’. Storm Ultra appears to call out partiers to recreate what would have been unforgettable, once in a lifetime Ultra 2020 experience by bringing together Spotify playlists and candy bracelets. There’s no telling if the event was created to ignite a few ‘LOLs’, or whether the creator genuinely seeks to light up Bayfront Park with glove shows.

The event details read, “Ultra 2020 may be cancelled due to corona virus fears, but don’t let that stop you from raging. Bring your wireless speakers, friends, hydration packs, kandi, flags and PLUR vibes to Bayfront park and shuffle, headbang and party to your heart’s content. Facemasks encouraged“. Following this is an ‘official playlist’ and what must be a bemusing display the event host’s creative energy. The ‘playlist’ is made up of Virus (How About Now)” by Martin Garrix and MOTi, and Virus” by Excision. Clever, I guess. A similar group named ‘Ultra for the people’ was also created on Facebook, however, has since been removed.

Look, we get it. Hearts have been heavy in the entertainment world since the outbreak caused countless highly anticipated music events to be cancelled or postponed. Miami has been hit especially hard, with the City of Miami declaring a state of emergency last week. Miami Music Week is dead, and Miami’s Winter Music Conference has been cancelled. The Mayor has also put in place strict rules of nightly curfews, reduced occupancy loads and enforced closures. We’ve also had our fingers and toes crossed for the fate of upcoming events, not just in Miami but worldwide. Sadly one-by-one we’ve seen artists and organisers regrettably announce the news we feared. In an industry that’s so passionate and love-fuelled, it’s been a tough few weeks for everyone.

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For a bunch of fun-loving, bass addicted, and probably slightly weird individuals, these cancellations have truly sucked. We’ve waited months, or maybe even years for some. But it’s important to remember that these strict rules are in place for a reason. Yes, you may be healthy and well, but these rules aren’t to protect you. They exist for those who may not be so fortunate. Inconvenient, yes. Necessary, also yes.

UMF might be gone for 2020, but we can help save Tomorrowland. And for those still grieving the loss of UMF Miami, SiriusXM are set to launch a radio channel broadcasting live sets from artists originally planned for UMF Miami. So we may well be stuck indoors, but who says that we can’t still have a good time.