Another festival joins the Coronavirus victims list. Rampage Weekend is officially postponed to September due to safety measures in order to limit the virus outbreak.

After many days of speculations, and just two days before the event, authorities decided that the festival cannot take place in the current conditions. 33,000 attendees from 55 countries were expected.

While the build for the event was still ongoing, we have been preparing for this news all night and all morning, in order to find a solution that can ensure Rampage does not go bankrupt after the million+ euros loss we will be suffering, as well as still providing you with your 2020 highlight


New Date & Rampage Open Air

Rampage weekend will now be taking place on September 18 & 19 2020. On the other hand, Rampage Open Air is still taking place in July 2020. More information about the event is available on the Facebook event and website.

More Cornavirus Measures in Belgium

The situation in Belgium has escalated even more in the last 24 hours. All bars and restaurants are closed this weekend all over the country. In general, all recreational activities museums, sportschools, shopping centers, etc.) will be shutdown. Only stores that have necessary purposes are open. This will be the case for supermarkets, pharmacies, and animal stores. All other stores stay open during the weekdays but are closed in the weekends.

Rampage Live Stream

The festival is encouraging its fans to stay home and is offering a live stream from Studio Brussels on Friday and another one from Pendulum’s London studio on Saturday. Both will be available on Facebook and Youtube.