[BREAKING] Porter Robinson Releases “Something Comforting”

Porter has dropped his second track off Nuture! Just moments ago, the audio was uploaded to Youtube! Before that, Porter tweeted out a 3:40 video explaining the creative process that came with this particular track:

He explains back in 2015, he was still discovering what he was going to do with his future. He was struggling with figuring out how to create something that made him happy and felt true to the person he was becoming. Also, he stresses that there if a riff he feels extremely passionately about and how, loving it so much, created some difficulties.

And now, here is the track in it’s entirety:

Wow. It’s extremely easy to tell how much detail Porter put into this piece. He continues to use the similar voice (his own but altered) in “Something Comforting” but then also adds his own unaltered voice. The signature Porter synths and ‘stops’ are very prominent. In the mix, there are a few sections where the tempo is sped up The last minute or so of the 4:14 track is breathless, literally. There are parts where the listener can hear someone breathing along with the signature, nature-esque sounds.

It’s truly a work of art. Mr. Robinson is bringing the happiness back into the world. Thank you so much.