Solardo and Eli Brown just released a new track out now titled ‘My Life‘ and it is just as hot, if not hotter than ‘XTC‘. Their last collaboration released last year and gained record as the dance song of the festival summer circuit. This is more than a breakup anthem, it is another raging dancefloor hit.

As the words start singing and make you contemplate, you can’t help but groove to their house beat. With more high-intensity breakdowns and infectious female vocals, the classic rave vibe continues. Thunderous claps and kick drums resonate in the background.

Mark Richards and James Eliot make up the Manchester duo, Solardo. Continuing their heritage’s embodiment of house music, they continue to rise in the US ranks as well. Bringing contagious energy to their performances, it’s no wonder they catapulted into the public’s eye. Housing productions with the likes of Camelphat, Secondsity, Mason Maynard and more, they’re relentlessly taking over.

We welcome Eli Brown’s return with open arms for this track, because he brings the rockin’ groove. Exposed to a wide variety of genres including jungle, drum and bass, and house, his gritty style reigns on. Touring all over the globe, he’s continuing to make a huge name for himself. His strongholds include the USA, South America, Canada, and Ibiza. Innovative and forward-thinking, we cannot wait to see what else he has in store for this year.

Combined, the trio has released on Green Velvet’s Relief Records and elrow. If you ever feel like you need a song to blast while going through some rough times, this is a great contender. Enjoy that killer house bass and let the emotions roll. Or do as the makers of this song do below.

Listen to the latest track of theirs below and live your best life.

My Life – Solardo |Buy/Stream