Italian duo Mathame is back with a wonderful release named ‘Never Give Up‘. It is a great song very much needed due to the current Coronavirus outbreak. The world is experiencing a terrible Coronavirus pandemic and we must fight together.

Never Give Up

Weeks after releasing a statement explaining their current situation, Mathame is back with new music. As Italy fights the spread and progression of the virus, which is slowing down its contagion rate, the duo continues to work in the studio. Ministry of Sound shared this track and you can listen to it here.

Never give up,OUT NOW

Posted by Mathame on Friday, March 27, 2020

‘Never Give Up’ by Mathame is an uplifting track with beautiful vocals and a hopeful message. The track comes after their latest EP named For Every Forever which released last month.

Mathame worked on a beautiful track with a very positive message. In addition, they did it at a time when unity, respect, and cooperation are crucial factors to beat the virus. Check this amazing song out in the video below and stay safe at home.