Lightning In A Bottle Won’t Offer Refunds For Cancelled Event

Alas, another music festival for the 2020 season has fallen. Lightning in a Bottle sent an email to ticketholders last week with an update about their cancelled event, as well as details on refund availability.

Among other news shared, they’ve made it clear that they will not offer refunds to ticket purchasers. Their email reads:

The Do LaB – LiB’s parent company – is a family-run business and explains that the money brought in has already been used for event preparation. Understandably, the cancellation of this year’s event wasn’t an easy decision—and the current situation puts them at risk for future events as well. By not providing refunds, it reads as if they’re hoping to keep themselves in a safe place financially to provide future events. And let’s be honest: we don’t want LiB to disappear.

Although it is also unclear how their crediting system will work—and whether your ticket for LiB 2020 can be redeemed for a LiB 2021 ticket in full—it does appear that they’re working to find a redemption system with future events for the money spent.

The current state of cancelled events due to COVID-19 is unprecedented, and absolutely taking a toll on events production companies around the globe. Though this is not an ideal situation for ticket purchasers, it’s worth considering LiB’s attempt to keep themselves afloat and able to provide events in the future.

The Community Reacts

The reaction to this news hasn’t gone over well with the community. The no-refunds policy has only been implemented with a few cancelled festivals this season, Ultra being one of them.

You can read more information about the cancellation from the LIB team here.