Kygo Announces Third Album And Lead Single

A new era in EDM is coming. New music is being written. All across the globe millions spend their quarantine creating tons of new tracks. The moments after this era will define the next trend in music, and we just can’t wait. Proving this point, comes Kygo. Kygo just announced his third album and lead single! Thanks to this time spend in self-isolation, the Norwegian DJ/Superstar’s new album is finally ready. It will be called Golden Hour.

A term coined by Thomas Jack, Tropical house was one of the biggest genres during the last decade. Its biggest name, however, would be Kygo. The Norwegian first gained attention after posting a series of remixes to Soundcloud. Then, would come the release of his first original track ‘Firestone’ which would go on to become a massive hit. More and more hits would come, all gathered in his first two albums, Cloud Nine and Kids in Love. Now, Kygo’s third studio album is ready. The artist himself made the announcement through a Facebook post. You can check it out below!

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well and staying positive in these tough times. I’ve been spending the last couple of…

Posted by Kygo on Monday, March 23, 2020

As you can see, to prepare us for the new album, the lead single from Kygo’s Golden Hour will be released this Friday! We can’t wait to hear this new track!

You can love or hate Kygo. However, denying it’s amazing talent and influence in the industry is impossible. The DJ has taken his own sound, mixed it with a small genre, and then turned it into an amazing fusion. One of the most famous DJs, Kygo’s Golden Hour is the first album announced by an artist during the quarantine. Hopefully, many more are on the way!

P.S. Kygo’s new album=Tropical House 2020=The Year of House. Called it.