Ready to kickstart 2020 with a bang, JOYRYDE gears up to release his debut album, BRAVE. This album has been postponed and pushed back since its destined release date back in November 2018. While BRAVE may be JOYRYDE’s first-ever album since his emergence in 2016, fans know that each track released thus far prove the massive expanse of his eccentric sounds.

Known for his multifaceted array of skills, fans know that JOYRYDE goes all in with his projects. From his songs to his aesthetic to his adrenaline-packed shows, JOYRYDE is definitely a bit of a perfectionist. Fans have seen it all, from his lavish, self-produced music videos to bringing two Lamborghini Countachs on-stage. Originally set to release in November 2018, JOYRYDE postponed this album due to “mostly technical reasons.” In his recent tweets, JOYRYDE announces that he is finally “done” with the album.

In his recent posts, JOYRYDE confirms the album’s completion, however, the official release date has not yet been announced. JOYRYDE has pushed out four singles from the album thus far, ‘IM GONE,’ ‘YUCK,’ ‘MADDEN,’ and ‘SELECTA 19.’ With this upcoming release, we can also expect new music videos and some exciting RYDR content. Stay tuned for the official date.