Gorillaz – Désolé ft. Fatoumata Diawara

The virtual band Gorillaz are back with the second episode of their ‘Song Machine‘ through ‘Désolé‘ featuring Fatoumata Diawara. In tandem, the fourth and fifth ‘Machine Bitez‘ saw their release among the package.

Throughout the year, Gorillaz will be releasing tracks from their Song Machine concept. So far, this track and ‘Momentary Bliss‘ featuring Slowthai and Slaves received uniquely playful videos. With little information regarding what it’s meant to represent or portray, the virtual band’s drummer, Russel Hobbs, remarked on the topic.

“Song Machine is a whole new way of doing what we do, Gorillaz breaking the mould ‘cos the mould got old. World is moving faster than a supercharged particle, so we’ve gotta stay ready to drop. We don’t even know who’s stepping through the studio next. Song Machine feeds on the unknown, runs on pure chaos. So whatever the hell’s coming, we’re primed and ready to produce like there’s no tomorrow.”

Press Release

As of this moment, the Gorillaz don’t have a tour planned, but their releases certainly aren’t stopping anytime soon. With that in mind, keep your eyes peeled on their website for any updates or show announcements.

Listen to Gorillaz ‘Désolé’ featuring Fatoumata Diawara, and watch the accompanying video below!