Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Tricia McTeague – ‘Only A Heartbeat Away’

Giuseppe Ottaviani has always been one to connect with his audience. From his studio session livestreams to his Live 3.0 Show, everything aims to create that deeper connection with his fans. So of course we can count on the Italian DJ-producer to release a long-awaited track to keep spirits high in these strange times. Released on Armind, ‘Only A Heartbeat Away‘ radiates a melodic brilliance that reminds us to stay positive.

Featuring the angelic yet powerful vocals of singer-songwriter Tricia McTeague, ‘Only A Heartbeat Away’ is guaranteed to “raise the bar for all uplifting tracks” with its heart-pounding beat and massive drops. With such synergy between the tune and vocals, it’s easy to tell that Giuseppe Ottaviani and Tricia McTeague must have collaborated in the past. Indeed, the two have created ‘Loneliest Nights,’ another vocal trance banger released back in 2016.

Two weeks prior to the release of ‘Only A Heartbeat Away,’ Giuseppe had also shared a special production moment for the beautifully-executed piano version of the track.

Recent Updates

Needless to say, coronavirus-related disruptions have been anything but ideal. Dreamstate Poland, for which Giuseppe had written the anthem ‘Morpheus,’ has been postponed and many more shows cancelled. Yet, the trance visionary has continued creating magic for fans live from his studio. Like many others, he has dabbled into live-streaming Lockdown Sessions which he’s named ‘Vinyl Sets,’ which has already captured the hearts of the global trance family with two parts.

Stream or download ‘Only A Heartbeat Away‘ on your favourite music platform here. Or listen through SoundCloud below!