This may not your typical Elon Musk headline, but what else would you expect from the Tesla founder? Elon took to Twitter to voice his concerns over Coachella being potentially postponed. Music festivals have begun to get rocked by the Coronavirus lately, and Coachella is no exception.

In a string of tweets, Elon Musk basically sh*t on Coachella. He said, “Coachella should postpone itself until it stops sucking.” He then went into how corporate sponsorships have “killed the vibe.” He capped off the rant by stating that “[Coachella] Was good maybe 5 or 6 years ago when you could wander around & find great unknown bands.”

For the most part, Twitter agreed. Except for the people that want to go to Coachella of course.

Elon knows more about the music scene than we think. Just a few months ago he dropped a Techno track that was not too shabby. He is also proposing making a rave cave under the Berlin Gigafactory. He put a poll up and Twitter hyped it up with 90% of people saying yes. He then followed that up by saying it would have “an epic sound system & woofers the size of a car.” Sign us up!

The South African entrepreneur is changing the world. Now, imagine if he were to create his own concert experience. Funny enough, he used to run a nightclub out of his house in college to pay rent. The more we encourage him, the more likely he will probably do it. After all, he is Elon Musk.