In times as dark as this, we need as much positivity and laughter as possible. DJ Snake is taking full advantage of being quarantined to give us a much-needed smile. Cardi B recently took to Instagram for a Coronavirus rant. For young people who don’t take it seriously, it might just have been the pep talk we needed. DJ Snake has taken it to a whole new level, remixing it into a dance track.

The French producer’s remix emphasizes the “Coronavirus! Sh– is getting real” part. It also uses one of the many noises Cardi B can make. He then makes sure to sanitize his hands before creating this nasty track. He hits a glass to sample his main synth lead. Next thing you know, we have a trap-influenced Coronavirus track. Maybe, after all, this is done, we may actually hear it at a festival. Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Her rant led to another viral remix by DJ iMarkkeyz. This one was also comedic, featuring numerous videos of people dancing as well as Elmo. He is currently shooting up the charts on iTunes.

Make sure to check out DJ Snake’s remix below!