Coachella Cancellation Rumors Swirl as Riverside County Declares Public Health Emergency

Last week, Riverside County officials made the decision to move forward with popular California music festival Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival despite coronavirus concerns. However, the county has just received its first case of coronavirus and has declared a Public Health Emergency.

According to the Los Angeles Times, no official decisions have been made about the fate of Coachella and other events due to this new case. In addition, Riverside County health officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser stated that the coronavirus patient’s movements are currently being assessed to determine whether other people may have been exposed.

Riverside County has officially joined many other California counties, including Los Angeles and Orange counties, in declaring a health emergency. As a result, speculations have been arising about the possible cancellation of Coachella. Ultimately, residents and businesses have mixed emotions about whether the festival should still take place.

Rumors That Coachella May Already Be Canceled

Unfortunately, there are rumors spreading that Coachella may already be canceled. According to a new tweet by DJ-producer Alvaro, the music festival will not be taking place this year. A Twitter user asked where the artist saw this information. He claims that he heard this news due to “inside info.” Only time will tell if this rumor is actually true.

You Can Refund Your Ticket

Coachella has been allowing refunds to pass holders who have been concerned about the coronavirus. As seen in a leaked email interaction posted on Reddit, ticket purchasers can request a refund directly to the festival’s email. They will freely accept the request and will help begin the refund process. Truthfully, it is relieving to see that the music and arts event is willing to give ticket purchasers their money back.

Coachella is set to take place for two consecutive weekends: April 10 – 12 and April 19 – 21. It is known for having over 100,000 attendees each day from around the world. Speculations of its cancelation came about after Ultra Music Festival officially confirmed its event would be “postponed” this year. After this cancelation, many other big festivals have also been cancelled. Some of these festivals are Tomorrowland Winter, Ultra India, SXSW, and many more.

Stay tuned for more Coachella updates.