NYC based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ, Chris Malinchak enters the new decade with ‘Somebody’. This track made of tropical and deep house has released on Ultra Music.  

Undoubtedly, Chris Malinchak is one of the top deep house artists. His EP ‘Photograph’, which was released in 2019 reached over 9.7 million streams on Spotify.

Chris Malinchak – Somebody

‘Somebody’ combines soulful rhythms reminiscent of a warm summer night in Ibiza and wonderful vocals. Malinchak stated that this track “talks about finding that deeper connection we’re all looking for in a time when we’ve never been so connected. It also reminds us to have fun and to take chances. Lots of bass, claps, and Terror Fabulous helps us do it “.

This track is not the only project Malinchak is working on, as he prepares to release his first full-length album in 2020. 

Chris Malinchak’s breakout hit ‘So Good To Me’ arrived in 2013. He reached UK singles chart at #2, hitting #1 on Shazam’s most searched songs, and gaining the attention of one of electronic music’s most coveted tastemakers Pete Tong.

7 years later, Malinchak, who does not get engaged to one genre, is getting ready to release his most ambitious project to date, his first original full-length album. Take some time to appreciate the great vibes that ‘Somebody’ transmits!