Cash Cash has just put out a brand new track and this time it’s a collaboration with Andy Grammer on their song called ‘I Found You’. Over the years, the trio of JP, Alex and Samuel, have released countless tracks revolving the ideas of romance, however, this new release is a little different. ‘I Found You’ was actually one of Andy Grammer’s hit singles that garnered over 26 million streams on Spotify alone. Cash Cash loved the track so much that they decided to take on the challenge to reimagine the hit track in a brilliant way.

Cash Cash reimagined version of Andy Grammer’s ‘I Found You’ is out now on Big Beat records. Differing from the original version, Cash Cash’s version of the hit song offers a more of an upbeat vibe. Grammer’s original version featured a more rock-like sound that gave the track an entirely different feel. You can check out Cash Cash’s version of their new song with Andy Grammer below now!