Skrillex, our newfound ‘boomer daddy’, joined Twitch yesterday. That’s right, our dubstep producer is taking to the streaming decks. He posted about it on his Instagram with this message:

hi my new nick name is boomer daddy and I’ve been setting up twitch, OBS and discord for the last 5 hours … my brain is on overload right now and on top of that I’m feeling pretty stir crazy today. I’m fine though , could be worse. now ..Like I said on my live a couple days ago… im just playing catch up on all the tech stuff but I should be streaming in the next few days. I really wanna start raising money for the different relief programs out there. So you all can help too by add/ subscribe me to on twitch. Sending ALL the love to everyone out there but most importantly to those out there who really need it right now. 

As more and more artists live stream during this COVID-19 pandemic, this is an exciting time for Sonny to join. He’s got many plans for this account while catching up on this kind of technology. It includes raising money through his streams for relief programs during this trying time.

Hit him on his discord or catch his sets online. This is the best thing to hit the internet right now. We are definitely here for it. Any way to get closer to our favorite DJs is something we all need. Hopefully, we get production tips, full sets, and previews of new music.

Fans are already ecstatic this is happening. Sonny already released a couple of live sets online with DJ Snake. He also confirmed a few albums in the works. Plus, a potential G Jones collab?

Are you hitting the point of stir crazy yet? We can relate to it just as much as he does. With Twitch, anything is possible and if anyone can make things happen, it’s Skrillex. Here is his account, ready for you to follow.