The rumor of the Powerbeats 4 is finally a reality. For months Apple has teased the cheaper alternative to the Powerbeats Pro. That edition was the first wireless earbuds in the Powerbeats series. It also beat the all mighty AirPods in both audio quality and battery life. The 4th model comes with a lot of hype being the cheapest, having the longest battery life, and new design for comfort. It does, however, feature something the earbuds industry has strayed away from, a wire.

It is unlike Apple, who owns Beats Electronics, to release a product before an official announcement. But, if you take a little walk through Walmart you might be able to see the new Powerbeats before your eyes. Available in red, white, and black they are all priced at $150, making them $50 cheaper than the Powerbeats 3 model.

Now, wires aren’t the worst thing. If you are doing an intense exercise you may prefer the cord to make sure your earbuds don’t go flying. The cord has been updated so it no longer starts in the front and instead of the back. This will allow it to easily wrap around the back of your neck.

It will have 15 hours of battery life and maybe most importantly will now be compatible with iPhone charging wire. It is another way of Apple making sure all of its products function the same way. Like the Powerbeats Pro, it has a built-in H1 chip that makes it pair with iPhones effortlessly. With its IPX4 rating, they are built for water and sweat resistance.

Stay tuned for Apple’s official release of the Powerbeats 4!