Does the track sound familiar to you? Well, that could be because it was the featured track of Alexander Popovs own mini after movie from ASOT 950! Officially released on Armada Music today, ‘Togu‘ features a dynamic blend of heavy psy-trance beats and a majestic orchestral overlay that culminates into the type of energy we need in our social distancing days.

The track marks the Russian DJ-producer’s second release of the year. ‘Togu’ follows ‘With You,’ an uplifting, melodic track created alongside Paul Oakenfold. However, ‘Togu’ is pretty much on the other end of the spectrum given its heavy beats and ethnic vocals, once again proving Popov is a man of many talents. Additionally, his own radio show Interplay is also making its way towards the 300th episode. Last week marked its 287th episode.

Check out Alexander Popov’s ‘Togu’ in full on your favourite streaming platform, or via SoundCloud below!