Youtube Premium and Music Make Their Mark In Numbers

Dear World: Let us celebrate Youtube’s milestone in reaching 20 million subscribers for Youtube Premium and Music. Their streaming services for music and ad-free videos joined the race and is seeing their highest numbers yet. Let’s see how they stack up compared to their rivals.

Spotify has 113 million paying users while Apple Music has 60 million. Amazon Music has 55 million users currently, but their legitimate paying customer amount is unknown. YouTube TV currently has 2 million subscribers and we give them a thumbs up for being better late than never. Compared to Hulu with Live TV at 2.7 million, Sling TV also ranks in at 2.69 million.

With an easy-to-use interface and relatively affordable pricing, how successful do you find their services? Its full accessibility on mobile makes it quick and simple to watch or listen. Their excessive marketing on their own website or sporting events basically tell us to give it a try.

It offers music based on your tastes or what is trending around you so you can keep up to date on the latest and greatest. The nice thing about it is being able to enjoy music with the screen OFF (finally!). This might be a game changing feature for YouTube. For songs that you cannot find anywhere else, or want to single out from podcasts, you find it here. Each new video that autoplays gives you more new music to discover.

Plus, getting to watch music videos is part of the fun in music loving, right? Sure, there is a family plan, a free-month trial, and a similar payment plan to its rivals. But with a reimagined app and effortless discovery, you can find albums, live performances and other remixes just by searching lyrics.

So, find what you’re looking for with a familiar scroll and press of a button. Which one will you reign supreme?