Yellow Claw is back on track with the release of a powerful new album called Never Dies. Since the official announcement of the album, the hype has grown exponentially up until release day. The Dutch duo gathers amazing collaborations with producers that specialize in different music genres such as Becky G, Flux Pavilion, and Galantis.


Never Dies Composition

In this new album, Never Dies, you can find much-welcomed variety that adds value to a very interesting project. This is Yellow Claw’s fourth studio album following the glorious Blood For Mercy, Los Amsterdam, and New Blood.

It is fair to say that Never Dies is a step further to the previous albums but not as good as the stunning Blood For Mercy, which I find extremely well composed.

 Never Days is a solid album made of songs that do not create any special link between them. You can find bass tracks with influence from hip-hop/latin/pop. Instead of taking on album that follows a certain theme, the tracks delivers variety and show the duo’s push for creativity. The album contains numerous collaborations featuring artists like Jon Z, Lil Toe, INNA, and Fatman Scoop. Yellow Claw took to Twitter to declare their strong love for the track ‘The Way We Bleed’

Reckless‘ with Fatman Scoop or ‘The Way We Bleed‘ are some of the tracks to highlight. They sound great and they have that Yellow Claw signature production. In particular, ‘El Terror‘ stands out with the intense Latin vibes, thanks to Jon Z and Lil Toe.

Make sure to enjoy the full album on Spotify in the link below, and remember, the signature sounds of Yellow Claw Never Dies.

Yellow Claw Never Dies