2020 continues to deliver heartbreaking news. This time the news came from the bass side of the industry. Australian DJ/Producer Christopher John Emerson, stage name Emoh Instead and better known for being the mind behind What So Not, just delivered some pretty big news. The Australian artist just announced he will be taking off the rest of the year.

The news comes as shocking to everyone. Emerson posted a note to his Facebook page. On this, he cites the current situation in Australia as a major catalyst for his actions. Resetting, escaping the routine, spending time with his loved ones and just becoming a better person all around also play major roles in this decision. You can check the whole note below

As you can see, What So Not made an important decision. As he himself declared, he won’t be completely gone. He’ll bring a couple shows that will surely show his real self around the world. We will also get one more track before his break. Also, we’ll be able to hear from him every now and then, so, nothing to worry about.

More and more artists continue to put their mental health first every day. Stepping away from the stress and pressure of the artist’s life for a while has become a must. Luckily, the community as a whole becomes more and more conscious about this day by the day. Hopefully, What So Not will be back to us next year, with new music ready to blow our minds. If not, and if he finds out he’s happier finishing this chapter, we wish him nothing but the best. Thank you for carrying such an amazing project. Thank you for giving us everything you had. Here in EDMTunes, we wish you all the best and we hope to hear from you soon

Check What So Not’s original post here.