In this age of nonstop information, artists love to keep their names fresh in the memory of the fans. Obviously, that’s why Twitter remains atop the list of platforms for getting out new projects news. Thus, it’s pretty safe to say we’re currently living in the age of the “tweet hints.” Fans and members of the media alike, keep their eyes glued to feeds of the biggest artists, as a result. Therefore, when Adventure Club throws out a tweet hint of their own,the dance music community is all over it.

As you can see, this particular tweet hints that a collaboration between Adventure Club and Seven Lions may be forthcoming. It’s pretty mind boggling that such a small amount of information could have such an impact. Immediately, it begins shifting people’s focus to the three producers. For instance, Seven Lions recently shared a tweet hint of his own about an upcoming release. To the delight of his fans, ‘Only Now‘ should be hitting digital stores soon. Check that post out for yourself.

Surely that tweet hint gets some love as well. Although, being a producer, we all expect to see song/album release news from him all the time. However, with just 10 simple words, Adventure club creates a huge buzz for both artists. Certainly, that buzz will continue humming all year until this potential collaboration materializes.