Toronto Company Installs Earplug Vending Machines in Clubs

Have you ever arrived to a show only to realize you’ve left your earplugs at home, thus putting your ears in danger for the night? Well the Toronto startup WHUT!? Earplugs is working to make that problem a thing of the past.

The company has begun putting earplug vending machines inside Toronto clubs. The machines themselves, are similar to a classic gumball machine and only accept toonies.

Once the money is inserted into the machine, a case containing one set of earplugs is dispensed to the buyer. The earplugs are reusable and the case doubles as a storage container.

In recent years, ear protection has become a growing topic for concern in the music industry with many artists speaking out on the dangers of loud music. In May of 2019, Ghastly tweeted about his right ear becoming half-deaf, taking the opportunity to preach the importance of protection.

In a study conducted last year, 47% of adults who listened to very loud music in their teens now face hearing issues.

โ€œHearing protection needs more awareness and is a growing concern for people of all ages,โ€ WHUT!? Earplugs founder Alisa Davis said.

So far, the vending machines are located in 25 clubs. Clubs housing the vending machines include CODA, Danforth Music Hall, Mod Club, and more. In addition to venues in Toronto, there are machines located in venues in Hamilton and Owen Sound.