Austrian DJ duo MÖWE‘s new single ‘Talk To Me’ (Feat. Conor Maynard & RANI) – Sam Feldt Edit is a powerhouse of a track.

Melanie Ebietoma and Clemens Martinuzzi of MÖWE

I personally can’t stop listening to this song. From the beat to the vocals to the composition, this song really brings the power. The vocals by Australian singer RANI and U.K. singer Conor Maynard give the lyrics so much life.

The fact this features two vocalists adds a duality and depth that probably wouldn’t have been the same if it had just been one. It’s bright but grounded. The lyrics are relatable and wonderfully delivered by both artists.

The overall feeling of the song gives explosive energy during the chorus while keeping itself stable during the main verses letting the vocals shine. The vocal chops that start the song find themselves back around during the chorus that ties it together. While the lyrics are mainly dealing with losing touch with a person, the cadence of the beat itself really brings a feel-good vibe. It’s a really nice balance that will keep this getting played.

This song really delivers on all fronts with the Sam Feldt edit. I’ve been listening for the past hour and it’s still giving me the same feeling as the first listen-through. I think this song will be on blast for quite some time for me, and I hope it will be for you too.