Fans might recognize Devin Oliver from legendary rock band I See Stars, shYbeast which is Oliver’s electronic project has just released his new single “Will Your Heart Have Room”; which is an upbeat dance anthem with major influence from his rock n’ roll and indie musical background. The touching single shows off powerful lyrics and eerie melodic melodies. 

“Will You Heart Have Room” is more than just a newly released single to Oliver, he explains;

 “I wrote this song during a huge transition in my life last year. I officially moved out of Detroit to Los Angeles at the time & I never felt so isolated. I was removed from a city that held so many memories & detached myself from the people that made me feel most comfortable in life. My significant other & I also moved in together which raised a lot of hard questions over time & surfaced a lot of issues we may have avoided before hand. “Will Your Heart Have Room” is a question that I had asked myself a million times last year. I share the melody with a special female vocalist to help tell the story.”

shYbeast is a whole new act that blends the two worlds of rock and electronic music. Throughout the last few years, shYbeast has worked with prominent artists such as Kayzo, Sullivan King, Dubloadz, Marshmello, and more! 

Be sure to check out the single below and let us know what you think!