Samsung Airs Galaxy Z Flip Ad During 2020 Oscars

Samsung just launched an ad for a phone they haven’t released just yet, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This Sunday marked the 92nd ceremony of the Academy Awards, and Samsung hit hard with this announcement. The Galaxy Z Flip comes as Samsung’s foldable phone, and embarks into competing against the already released Motorola Razr.

With this mobile being scheduled for announcement later this year, the ad intends to be some kind of auto-leak, which comes as no surprise for the company.

The phone looks like a chubbier version of the Motorola Razr, but seems like it can’t be folded completely flat. Tiny print on the ad points to a small crease being normal on it. The commercial shows two versions of the phone, black and purple.

This becomes the first full showing of the phone, including a showcase of its outside screen, which is tiny but comes in full color. It also seems that it can be used to accept or reject calls, and for caller ID.

This technique of auto-leaking their future announcements is gaining ground between phone companies. Google started this trend on 2019, which has become a thing ever since. Tune in to Samsung’s big reveals on February 11th 2020 at ‘Samsung Unpacked‘.