R3HAB Releases New Song and It’s ‘More Than OK’

Artists evolve day by day. Keeping up with the trends in the industry becomes a must for many of them. Developing your own unique signature sound while still constantly bringing in innovation is key for success. Personally, I believe R3HAB is a pretty good example of this situation. The Dutch/Moroccan DJ/producer released his brand new song ‘More Than OK‘ and sets a perfect example.

R3HAB is back again with his new track ‘More Than OK’

R3HAB has teamed up with Canadian DJ/Producer Frank Walker for ‘More Than OK’. The sounds used easily remind us of some of the middle eastern characteristics used by the producer in some of his early classics. However, the song’s tempo, vocals, and construction fit themselves more inside the pop-esque standard most EDM hits have today. The vocals provided by Swedish singer Clara Mae are rich and catchy. All these features join together before progressing into an amazing melodic drop. The usual energy and vibes R3HAB transmits can still be found. While not your typical R3HAB track, ‘More Than OK’ still captures his sound that he’s known for.

As we enter the month of February, more and more music continues to be released. DJs from the golden era seem excited to welcome this new decade showing they’re still titans in the game. Now, R3HAB enters this game with a song that personally, feels like a good beginning to 2020.

Listen to ‘More Than OK’ by R3HAB and Frank Walker Ft. Clara Mae below!