What else needs to be said for a NGHTMRE & ZHU collab?

I was lucky enough to see ZHU perform at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles last year. This remix by Saint Punk absolutely wrecks the status quo. The vocal chops and bass take on a whole new beast of burden. The hard intro and major drop absolutely fringe on the border of anything that is acceptable on the main floor. Yet this remix doesn’t have to have the main floor. It makes its own.

The siren-like intro sweeps you in like a ship at sea and makes sure you hit the rocks. The buildup follows true like a digested yet soulful cascade of synth soaking the sand.

The collab rings in a stunning rhythmic tirade of absolute bass heaven within a synth-based reckoning.

The stutters throughout fight against the grain, bringing in a texture felt throughout the song like an oil painting with the strokes present.

This collab brings in many elements working in harmony to feed itself. The base of the song feeds off the separate elements in the original mix. The original feeds off vibrant synths as well as hefty bass. The signal coming from the original feels very organic and lyrical. The remix by Saint Punk Boots stalemates the bass and synths in the best way. This song is just as it should be.