MYRNE & Manila Killa Team Up to Release Fluorescence EP

MYRNE and Manila Killa have teamed up to release a new EP called Fluorescence. It is out now via Ultra Records and is a breath of fresh air for the fans. Both members of this collaborative project released their debut projects last year. Not long after, the two producers began their work on Fluorescence.

Manila Killa have always shown admiration for MYRNE’s sound. MYRNE even had the opportunity to tour alongside Manila Killa during his 1993 EP tour last year. One thing the artists have in common is that they are both international artists that have faced similar experiences when attempting to breach the cultural divide in the states.

The Tracks We Can Find In This Fluorescence EP

‘Fear’ and ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ are songs that encompass change and the experience of going through a transition of growth. These songs are explorations of influences that both of us bonded over when we toured together.

MYRNE & Manila Killa on their new Fluorescence EP

Fear is the first track of this EP, and it is great. Singing and using their own vocals as a duet in the aptly-titled ‘Fear’, MYRNE and Manila Killa showcase their growing confidence as well-rounded artists unafraid to be their authentic selves. They achieved a wonderful clean sound that transmits great vibes.

The second and last piece of this Fluorescence EP is ‘Where Do We Go From Here’. In this track, MYRNE & Manila Killa take on the progressive house approach, a homage to the style that served as an early inspiration to pursue their current endeavors.

MYRNE began his journey in 2015 with the release of his ‘Softsins’ EP on dance music label Mad Decent. His experiences growing up in Singapore, granted him a unique outlook on electronic music. MYRNE has received support from Porter Robinson, The Chainsmokers, and Martin Garrix among others.

MYRNE’s softer sensibilities shine through on official remix work for Lauv‘s ‘There’s No Way’, Jai Wolf‘s ‘Lost’ and Martin Garrix’s ‘Ocean’. Solo work has not slowed either, with 2019 marking the debut of his first solo LP In Search of Solitude on Ultra Music.

MYRNE & Manila Killa

Chris Gavino, aka Manila Killa, is a producer born in the United States but grew up all over the world. Traveling through places as disparate as Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States, his moniker reminds the audience of where his electronic roots came from. His self-learning strategies and dedication to production took him to the top of the charts. His success is reflected in the millions of streams in his music as well as performing atop the stages of many major festivals.