My World – Vini Vici vs NERVO vs Shapov

Welcome to their world. A magical mix just happened between not two, but three of the world’s best. Psytrance legendary duo Vini Vici teams up with EDM heavyweights NERVO and Shapov to bring us something out of this world. Psytrance and EDM come together to bring us ‘My World‘, and boy do we feel welcome. Come on this journey with us.

This recipe looks like a total win. With a predominant psytrance vibe on Vini Vici‘s style and seductive vocals by NERVO, Shapov is the cherry on top. With this combo, they just changed psytrance’s game entirely – even the lyrics hint at this achievement. As a side note and a cool extra, the single’s cover art is also dope. After hearing the result of this monster collab, the only question that remains is why they didn’t do it sooner.

This collaboration is surely one for the ages and one we will possibly be hearing a lot at festivals. This comes as no surprise, as Vini Vici holds the record for the all-time most played psytrance song on YouTube with their hit ‘Free Tibet Remix‘. NERVO are also no strangers to chart-topping tunes and Shapov is continuing to become more well known. Be sure to check out the single down below, and listen to the artists’ repertoire as they all have something that will most likely amaze you.