Miami Beach Mayor Proposes 2 AM ‘Last Call’ for Spring Break

The Miami Beach mayor, Dan Gerber, is proposing a 2 AM limit on alcohol sales during this spring break. He seeks to erase the false perception that “anything goes” in South Beach.

Currently, the law states that last call is at 5 AM in Miami Beach. However, Gerber seeks to temporarily make last call until 2 AM for exactly 17 days in March. This means that spring breakers will have to end their night much earlier this year.

According to the Miami Herald, Gerber states “This is moderation, not overreaction.” He continues, “To be clear, the status quo is absolutely unacceptable.” Obviously, the mayor seeks to rebrand the city of Miami Beach.

If this proposal goes through, the following Miami Beach areas will be affected: Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue from 5th to 16th street, and between Pennsylvania Avenue and Collins Court from 5th to 16th street, including Española Way.

If approved, the rollback will begin on March 6 and will continue for 17 days, only affecting places like bars and restaurants. It would come to an official end on March 23rd, the day after Ultra Music Festival takes place. This would mean that the people in the city for the marvelous festival will also have to end their nights earlier this year. In addition, there is already an 8 PM last call for beer and wine at supermarkets, conveniences stores, and liquor stores at Miami Beach.

Dan Gerber’s proposal will come before the city commission today for a preliminary vote. If agreed upon, the quickest it could be approved would be during the commission meeting on February 26.

Stay tuned for more updates on this Miami Beach proposal.

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