Mathame is back! The Italian duo dropped their first work of 2020 last week. It is a 3 piece EP, titled For Every Forever. Mathame’s For Every Forever was released through German label Afterlife.

Mathame’s new EP actually contains two new tracks and a dub mix. The first song, titled after the EP, is nothing short of amazing. It’s dance-infusing rhythm easily takes over your consciousness, leading you to the dancefloor. My favorite part, however, would definitely be around the middle of the song. An amazing synthesizer lead takes over the whole track. With just a couple chords and loose notes, the song is completely changed. It takes way more energy and evolves into a stronger track.

Mathame is back, and they’re bringing with them their first work of 2020.

After listening to the dub mix, comes the last song. ‘Stairway 3000‘ is a stronger track than ‘For Every Forever’. From the beginning, it jumps into a rawer sound. Almost untouched from its production, the song relies on a heavy melody and then jumps into the drums. While the drums might not go as heavy as expected during the first compasses, the lead still dominates the whole song, giving it enough strength. In conclusion, its a strong, lead dominated track that’s quite fresh and different from what I usually hear when traveling through this genre.

2020 points to be a huge year for Mathame. The Italian duo performed all over the world, almost always guided by Cercle. Now, as the new year begins to take form, the duo wants us to know they’re ready to go even bigger in 2020. We are definitely ready for this, and look forward to an amazing year, both for Mathame and us!

Stream Mathame’s new EP For Every Forever below!