Martin Garrix Set To Release Follow Up To ‘High On Life’

There are few in the world of today’s dance music who can do no wrong. Dutch DJ / Record Producer Martin Garrix is one of them. In the past, we’ve seen him dabble with pop music, future bass, big room, and progressive house. Today, we bring you news from the progressive house side of things, and we think you are going to love it.

In July, of 2018, Garrix dropped the highly anticipated ‘High On Life‘ featuring vocalist, Bonn. This is a track that he originally debuted as he closed his Tomorrowland set of that same year. If you’re a fan of progressive house or just Martin Garrix, you’d know how huge of a song this is.

In an Instagram response to a fan, Martin revealed he would be releasing the ‘…craziest progressive song in July‘. He follows this up by stating that the track in question will be the ‘…follow up to ‘High On Life‘. While it still remains to be seen if Bonn will be returning on the vocals, we are looking forward to this track nonetheless.

For more information, stay tuned to his official website, here. The original post can be found below. You can find a link to the original Reddit post, here. Enjoy.

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