Lucky 2020 Cancelled Amid USC Events Lawsuit Collapse

Update: It happened

So remember that lawsuit Insomniac had against USC Events? Beyond just impacting Paradiso comes word other festivals will be cancelled. According to previous USC employees, Lucky 2020 is NOT going to happen. Cancellation of Lucky 2020 is imminent, so watch out on the USC socials.

One of USC’s previous promoters sent out a Tweet (full thread here) regarding the future of the festival. According to her, USC is going to pull the plug on Lucky. This is a result of the lawsuit against them. She said that artists would be pulling out regardless. In addition, her and many others have left the USC company and they no longer have a team to throw events.

Keep in mind, this is not an official announcement. This comes from a previous employee and we are still waiting on the upcoming confirmation from USC. However, buyer beware in terms of any USC Events at this point. Stay tuned for more.